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Course menu

☆☆☆ The chef course that entrusts you ☆☆☆

I accept it than two people. Follows are an example.

Because contents may change by the stocking, thank you for your understanding.


Of the following course, besides, can make an original course by the combination of favorite menus of the visitor. Please refer willingly.

Platinum luxury course
<The recommended course where is the most popular in Sensyo>

Petit course
It is a trial sense course with quantity of a little

Your reward course that acts

Rather less rich course

A lot of delicious things course

Single dish

− Snacks −
Our store is a store specializing in reliable safe and genuine article-oriented black color Japanese beef.
As for the meat that a storekeeper kept on choosing you by having a practised eye by the experience of 30 years, fleshy substance, marbled beef, a flavor are the best together.
Please enjoy the powerful charm of the genuine "delicious meat".

Sea urchin roll of the SensyoNoted product Beef fatty tuna

Tongue splinter

The sima bowels

Porcelain Bibimbap

Sashimi of the tongue 1,300yen
Sen Mai sashimi 860yen
Sashimi of the beef 1,400yen Cow fatty tuna sea urchin winding 2,260yen
Sea foods jijim 900yen
Namul Sampler 750yen
Sensyo salad 860yen
Korean salad 860yen
PorcelainBibimbap 1,080yen
Bibimbap 1,080yen
Cold noodle 1,000yen
Tail soup 1,100yen
Tail Gukbap 1,300yen
Tofu Jjigae 650yen
SensyoJjigae 970yen

Sashimi of the beef

Sea foods jijim

Tofu Jjigae

※I restrain myself from the sashimi sale of the yukhoe lever now in our store

− Ceramic ware one piece of article −
A storekeeper makes use of experience and the root of 30 years and uses the choice black color Japanese beef which selected carefully of the whole Kyushu.
It is sauce firing or Shioyaki, or please order it.

Popular No1 firing Shabu-shabu of our store

I warm fresh black color Japanese beef like shabu-shabu.
I have in grated juice pressed from a bitter orange plainly. Please try a texture to melt away by all means.

Upper sirloin

The upper tongue

The tongue 900yen
The upper tongue 1,620yen
Sparerib 900yen
Upper sparerib 1,620yen
Sirloin 980yen
Upper sirloin 1,720yen
Outside Skirt 980yen
Upper fin 3,000yen
Fried Shabu-shabu 1,300yen
Upper Mino 860yen
Hormone 750yen
The circle bowels 750yen
Red sen Mai 750yen
Stiffness stiffness 750yen
Fried lever 860yen

Upper sparerib

Height of hormone

住所 : 〒810-0012 福岡県福岡市中央区白金1-4-1 〔印刷はコチラ〕
アクセス : 西鉄・薬院駅から徒歩4分/地下鉄七隈線渡辺通駅から徒歩4分
営業時間 : 17:30〜22:30(L.O.) 23:00(CLOSE 場合により変更あります)
 定休日:不定休  /  総席数 : 26席